35 mm, 97mins
in coproduction with TaunusFilm International

Awards: Best Actress Award for Olga Konskaia
Kinotavr (Sochy) Russian and International FF 2001

Special Jury Prize for director Andrei Nekrasov
"for the innovative film language".
Moscow Russian Film Festival "From Cinema with Love" 2001

Special Jury Award for D.O.Ps Michael Goebel and Anatolij Lapshov
"for the creativity and sensibility in the aesthetic
and thechnical research for creating a magic energy".
22 International Film Camera Festival/Bitola,Macedonia 2001

IFF: Berlin 2001
International Forum of New Cinema

Rotterdam IFF 2001
main programme

Kinotavr, Sochy (Russia) 2001
main programme

Karlovy Vary 2001
East of the West

Stuttgart-Ludwigsburg Cinema Europa 2001
Opening film

Moscow IFF 2001
New Russian Cinema

Moscow Russian Film Festival
"From Cinema with Love" 2001

St. Petersburg 2001
Festival of Festivals

Motovun (Croatia) 2001

Film Camera Festival / Bitola, Macedonia 2001

Tbilisi, Georgia 2001
25 Mostra Sao-Paulo 2001

l'Alternativa Independent Film Festival of Barcelona, 2001

Ankara International Film Fest 2001

`Deboshir` Film Festival, St. Petersburg

Sundance Film festival 2002
World cinema and Frontier sections

Helsinki, Festival of Russian Cinema 2002

Outfest Film Festival, Los Angeles 2002

Jakarta Film festival 2002

Raindance, London 2002

"Capturing the tragicomic Wild West atmosphere of today's Russia seems to be the aim of numerous films; "Lubov and Other Nightmares" is one of the few that succeeds without specifically trying. Densely structured and shot, pic takes the viewer through layer upon layer of masquerade, corruption, sexuality and emotions. Challenging and offbeat in the extreme."
Variety, 05-11.03.2001

"One of the most imressive films of the festivalis a very strong, direct movie about love, personal memories and the New Russia that leaves you dizzy after seeing it."
Moving Pictures Rotterdam Daily, N 1129.01.01

Intelligent, complex and visually powerful film about love, the situation in the new Russia and Western attitudes to it.
Moving Pictures Berlinale Daily, N 2 10.02.2001
Andrei Nekrasov's film Lubov and other Nightmares marks a new
beginning for experimental Russian cinema.
Russian Cinema in the 21st Century
Birgit Beumers (bristol/uk)