Directed by Andrei Nekrasov
in co-production with Volksbuehne am Rosa Luxemburg Platz, Berlin
Premiered 19.12.2002
cast Milan Peshe, Patrizia Ziolkowska, Samuel Finchi, Olga Konskaia


A young aspiring German author, Rainer, despairs over prevailing conformism and the U.S. domination in culture and politics. He dreams of Kultur's past glory and claims that Germany's natural ally is Russia, not America. When Rainer's girlfriend meets a mysterous wealthy Russian from Kalinigrad, Rainer hopes he has found a new friend. It soon turns out that the convivial businessman and half-baked germanofile (he learnt German during spying missions in the GDR) is also an ex-officer of the FSB ("reformed" KGB), on the run from his ruthless former colleagues. In order to protect himself, the Russian blackmails the "Firm" with the evidence of their involvement in Chechnya connected terror activities and asks Rainer for help with taping and storing that evidence…



Tarkovski's disciple, auteur filmmaker Nekrasov combines both theatrical and filmic tools to conjure up a spectacular but also precisely structured performance… Overwhelming and inspiring…
Zitty 09.01 - 22.01.03

Andrei Nekrasov who often quotes the laconic style of early Godard and Fassbinder, creates with minimal means and maximum concentration, a whole world of social identities, atmospheric anecdotes, perfectly directed associations and correspondaces.
Tip 02.01 - 15.01.03

The performance is staggering, overwhelming, and "cool" at the same time, it is an impudence, but an impudence which is fun.
Tagesspiegel 21.12.02